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Prophet Terrell Turner was the Founder and Pastor of New Vision International Ministries in Newark, New Jersey for nine years, where the overseer was the late Bishop Nathaniel Simmons. Initially he was assigned to Faith Tabernacle Sounds of Praise Ministries, Columbia, South Carolina and was responsible for reorganizing the church until a new Pastor was assigned. He worked diligently and faithfully under the late Bishop Nathaniel Simmons since 1994 (St. Paul Sounds of Praise, Newark, New Jersey) as a member, then Elder and was responsible for assisting the Founder in establishing different churches and building the ministry of the St. Paul Church. He has been declaring the gospel for 23 years and has traveled across the country conducting revivals, crusades and tent services from New Jersey, to Canada from New York to Georgia, and from California to Detroit and various places throughout the southland.

He conducts seminars and has been the keynote speaker for several conferences around the world.At the passing of the late Bishop Nathaniel Simmons, Pastor Turner joined the Pilgrim Assemblies under the leadership of the Archbishop Roy E. Brown. His ministry has encountered some of God’s chosen best preacher’s insomuch as to build an international alliance not only among different nationalities but also throughout different countries. Our desire is to impact minds all over the world and to bring to them the gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness. Currently, he is the Founder and Pastor of Word in Motion Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Pastor Turner studied at the Manhattan Bible Institute in New York where the Dean is Dr. Christe.

He is currently pursuing his degree at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix Arizona. Prophet Turner has been ministering from the principals and the methods written in his new book called Preparing Minds for Ministry. Pastor, Prophet Terrell Turner is a dynamic author, teacher and preacher of the Word of God and an accurate Prophet. He ministers in the lives of individuals for personal edification and deliverance. People leave his services tremendously blessed and uplifted.

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